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Learn from the best Martial Arts instructors in the San Bruno, Millbrae, and South San Francisco areas who are dedicated to providing a stable, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a varied and supportive community. Whether your plan is to compete, lose weight, meet new like-minded people or increase your energy levels in day-to-day life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it!

The benefits of Martial Arts classes are endless. From confidence and self-esteem to discipline and empowerment, whether you're enjoying or Kids Karate classes or our Adult Martial Arts and Kickboxing programs, you'll start seeing improvement in mind, body, and spirit in only a few short classes.

Try out Dojo USA and see for yourself how martial arts training could transform your life.

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"Great Virtual class, you are an inspiration to us all and have been the first glimpse of normality since being in lock down.  I know it helped us all here to feel connected again and feel like everything is going to be ok.  Thank you for the story in class, it was awesome, Jordan was fully engaged and inspired by it.  Keep it up, we need you in our lives more than ever."   -Burton Family

Kids Karate near San Bruno

DojoUSA World Training Center has given me many special gifts. I have lost weight, become physically stronger, mentally tougher, and have increased my endurance. I have made new friends, I have accomplished higher goals, and I have become part of a community that I really take close to heart.

I joined Dojo USA World Training Center back in 2009 and have been so glad to be a part of such a special group of people.

Peter and the staff have helped me through many chapters of my life...and most recently they are guiding me through the newest stage in my life - pregnancy. I have never felt so supported or looked after as I have maintained my work out regime throughout my entire pregnancy so far. Peter and his team always check on my health during our training and I feel completely confident that I am doing what is best for my body. My obstetrician has been impressed with my perseverance and how smoothly this pregnancy has been going. I am 40 and have never felt better...all thanks to Dojo USA.

Peter Johnson has created a community of people who have impacted my life by teaching me strength, showing me kindness, and helping me get out of my comfort zone. I enjoy the people who attend the classes and share such a great positive energy. Peter, Erma, and the instructors have truly made me a better person - so much so, that my husband and 4 year old son are also enjoying being connected to Dojo USA. Thanks to Peter and Erma - You and your talented team ought to know, you have made a tremendous impact on my life

Kids Martial Arts San Bruno

Mary Kate Del Campo - Director of Admissions, FIDM San Francisco Campus

Do you see my son? He’s one of the smaller belts in the class. He’s the one with the sweatiest head and biggest smile when he walks out of class. His name is Raymond and he loves karate. Dojo USA is his second home. It’s the one place when I say we are going to the dojo, I do not have to remind him because he wants to go. He loves karate. But, it wasn’t always this way.

In the beginning, Ray wanted to be a Power Ranger. Acting on his interest after eating across the street from the Dojo, we visited and met someone who helped set up an appointment with Mr. Johnson. During this meeting we told Mr. Johnson that Raymond was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay (this would later be changed to autistic high functioning).

When Raymond was two years old a doctor made the diagnoses of PDD. He told us many things that as new parents were hard to hear but the one thing he told us that stuck in my mind was that it would be hard for our son to make friends.

We provided different experiences for Raymond, soccer, baseball, swimming lessons all unsuccessful.

In the beginning, Raymond wanted to do karate, but he only wanted to work with Mr. Johnson. He didn’t want to be in a group class. He wasn’t comfortable. Raymond started with 4 months of private lessons. Eventually, Mr. Johnson was able to move Ray into the beginning class with other students. This was a huge hurdle! On Saturdays, the dojo has a class for all belts; it’s a make-up class but can also be an additional workout. Raymond’s first experience for a Saturday class was wearing his uniform and watching from the waiting area outside as the class began. Eventually, a Black Belt noticed him and coaxed him into the room. It was not always easy, yes, he loved karate but being in different groups was difficult for him.

At every stage of his karate growth, from private lessons to beginner, to intermediate, and to advanced there has been some struggle with finding the confidence to walk through the door. At every stage, Mr. Johnson or one of his black belts has been there to coax Raymond along and feed him the information to help release his inner confidence to be able to continue to train.

I don’t know if Raymond without karate would still have been the same child I have now. Raymond has an IEP; most of his teachers describe him as kind and caring. They also say he can be stymied by anxiety but has learned so much self-regulation to overcome anxiety. We believe his experiences at Dojo USA have contributed greatly to his development of being able to work with his learning disabilities. Being at this dojo, receiving the training from Mr. Johnson and his staff has made a huge difference in Raymond’s life. I can’t even begin to think of how I could say thank you enough to Mr. Johnson and his dojo. Oh that’s right, you should know that my second son is also at the dojo, his name is Felix!

Kids Martial Arts San Bruno

Chris Mapa - Math/ELL Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School

I KNEW I was going to be a Black Belt when I realized the most important person that needed to believe in me was ME, so I decided to invest in myself!

Even though I set and achieved the goal to be a BlackBelt before my 60th Birthday, Karate is neither a kids activity nor an adult activity, it is not age driven. You are never too young or too old. It is a shared commonality between all ages. It is not a segregated art. Limited by my knowledge of what karate is, I thought the goal was get to Black Belt and then you’re done. Actually, Karate is limitless….its BlackBelt and beyond.

Karate at the dojo is not a seasonal activity in life….it is a lifestyle with so much more. With being a leadership student, I also have unique and special opportunities to enhance my training, taking it to a different level. Etiquette, respect, leadership, being humble, character building, life skills, gratitude, compassion, fundamentals of life, feeling elite (not in a boasting manner but being more confident), consistency, discipline, special classes/training and of course getting to Black Belt. This is something I want in my life, makes me want to be a better person, challenges me to be someone that contributes to the world, and makes a difference.

Along with a host of dedicated and compassionate instructors I always feel continuously well supported. So to look at both of these together, it is like a puzzle, all the pieces fitting together.


Kids Martial Arts San Bruno

June Hew - Mom with Two Adult Children - 2nd Degree Black Belt Graduate

On behalf of the staff and parents of Crestmoor; thank you for donating your time to speak to our students….Children are busy filling out their journals documenting their acts of kindness. Your contribution to the development and education of the children of San Bruno is greatly appreciated.

Kids Martial Arts San Bruno

Karen Schenck - Principal

Losing 100lbs with no surgery IS possible.

Aimee Fabbri - CMT

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