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  • The Gift you Are

    The Gift you Are

    In the midst of struggles and hard times it can be really tough to realize what a gift you are. You're NOT ONLY a gift, but you've GOT gifts. They're inside you. The gifts are what YOU have received that no one else can see until the dark times, no one can feel until the difficult times too. Your ability to rise up isn't fully appreciated until others need a hand up them self. When you wrap a gift, it becomes a present. Your gifts are often wrapped in challenge or unbelief, but this is when you gifts are received as a present you were created to be. If you think you're surrounded by darkness and difficulty, your gifts are about to be unwrapped. Building GRIT is a key skill in succeeding ....

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  • The Hand sows + The Mind knows = The Seed that grows

    The Hand sows + The Mind knows = The Seed that grows

    Knowledge is POTENTIAL power.....Knowledge is transformed into power when action is put behind it. The plan gets its power to affect change with actions guiding it not just he mind deciding it. The perfect plan next week isn't better than an average plan acted on today. Like driving a car on the Freeway, we can use this metaphor to compare our own success path. The freeway doesn't involve holding the wheel in the perfect exact position, instead it's about making little adjustments while following a direction towards your destination. Micro-tuning your way to your success has SO much application in it. Failure isn't final and losing isn't lasting. Your ability to stay on course when it ....

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  • The "I DIDN'T reach my goal" line is LONGER than the "I REACHED my goal" line. Which one do you want to be in?

    Motivation gets you started, but discipline KEEPS YOU GOING….… I KNEW there’s something different about you! This is due to the fact that it’s a certain type of pro-active person that reads these. Here’s one thing you know we can count on: motivation shows up but...OFTEN it goes away just as fast. Sadly, following the path of motivation in order to make progress has you feeling like you're riding a rollercoaster between extremes. You get closer and closer and then WHAMMO, low energy enthusiasm, or loss of drive..... If you’re nodding while reading this saying, "yep, that's me." If this DOES describe you, welcome to the club! I'm the same ....

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  • How you love life, is how it will love you back

    How you love life, is how it will love you back

    I take what can be thought of as a backwards approach to training. For some that don’t understand, I’ll explain. I believe the world is full of places that offer classes and training focused on the idea that, “when you look better you will feel better, OR when you look better you will have more self-confidence.” Our world is full of images of what we should look like and that if only we could look like someone else then all our problems would be solved and we’d be happy. The dojo approach is all about your inside changing your outside. Self-confidence doesn’t come from what you see it comes from how you feel. Confidence, strength, and power first happen ....

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  • Be A Complainer?

    Complaining…….. There's room for legitimate complaining, but if you let this deadly disease of attitude - complaining – loose, it will conquer you. Complaining can take over your life, destroy you and leave you without anything. Nobody wants to take along a complainer. Nobody wants to promote a complainer. Nobody wants to live with one. Nobody wants to be a partner of one. Nobody wants to have one around. Complaining leaves you out of more opportunities than you can possibly imagine if you let it take over and grab you by the throat. If you don't think complaining is bad ask the children of Israel of Old Testament fame. Now let me say something right here, they are ....

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  • The Stone Cutter

    One evening Grandpa was visiting for conversation over dinner. During dinner the Grandson was complaining how hard his coach was making him work up and down the basketball court. “Grandpa, I’m the slowest one, and the coach always makes me run extra after practice. EVERYONE is watching me, and the pressure is MORE than I can handle.” With a knowing but sympathetic smile, the Grandfather said, “pressure is good. Let me tell you a story about pressure and results” “If you don't know about stone cutters, they work like this.......They are given a big heavy sledgehammer with which they pound gigantic pieces of boulders and rocks. ....

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  • Antidote to what ails you

    Antidote to what ails you

    Start of with what you CAN control, and that's your internal world. Your thoughts reactions patterns and habits. Develop a daily habit of being thankful can be challenging. When hard times come, you'll need the emotional intelligence to know hard times have come to pass, not to stay. But what if I don't feel grateful?
    Hey, when you don't FEEL grateful is exactly the time you don't want to be overdrawn on your Gratitude account. You're not going to have an easy time feeling grateful when you ask lousy questions like the one above. Direct what you want with questions. How about these for refocusing yourself and the greater things you have to be thankful for. What is one of your favorite ....

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  • Tying The Belt

    Tying The Belt

    NOT sure about you, but THIS took me a while to figure out   To your success,
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Black Belt Energy Guy

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  • Veteran Legacy

    Veteran Legacy

    Giving. THIS is the Legacy of Veterans. Sacrificing the good of self to honor others. "For the good of others" is a mindset, that is a cure for limited thinking. When you make a habit of serving others, saying to yourself, "let there be good" or "I will fight the good fight" greatness shows up. You've got the have the courage to live with the pressure of giving and encouraging others, but what we do in these moments reveals the character. Being a Leader is part defined by taking the moments of challenge and use them strategically to make better in the world and in the lives of those we are honored to touch. I'm happy that this time each year I get to embrace my Grandfather's challenge to ....

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    I know there are times when you think you HAVE to stop, but you don’t.I know there are times when you think you SHOULD take it easy, but this doesn’t mean you must!You see, when you look to the hill ahead that you have to climb to be the best you can be, that hill looks SO steep.All you must do is lean, put your head forward and keep going.When you commit yourself and show the tenacity you have to continue, you will see the weeks and months pass.As you STAY committed you will find yourself becoming the best you can be!Training and working out uses your body, but that does not mean it is about your body. Training is a time and opportunity for you to make contact with ....

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