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  • Summer Shape Up 21 Day Challenge

    Summer Shape Up 21 Day Challenge

    Your Body, Your Mind and Your Spirit working together determine the quality of your life. IF getting up after getting knocked down is valuable to you, this is the challenge for you! Shape up in 21 days. 7 days directed towards body, towards mind and towards spirit each that add together to create your comeback! ARE YOU IN? Registration is ONLY open for the next 7 days!!! Sign up and get started on the road to better today!!! SIGN UP HERE

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  • Erma's Class energy is next level

    Erma's Class energy is next level

    Just watching, you can FEEL the energy and excitement in the dojo! Enjoy!!! Make sure to register for our SPECIAL RED, WHITE and BLUE you 4th of July Morning Workout! Log into your member portal now. ....

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  • Motivational Minute: A Lifestyle for opportunity

    Motivational Minute: A Lifestyle for opportunity

    What you look at, what you speak and what you communicate with your body brings opportunity. Where there are obstacles there's always opportunity, can you see it? The Three Parts of Concentration is a foundational lesson for training at the dojo. Focus your eyes, focus your mind, and focus your body, its also a GREAT lifestyle. What can I do to build my faith? Faith IS your ability to have certainty when nothing around you seems certain. Looking at what you've accomplished before, listen to the positive words you speak to yourself, and importantly your posture and how you're using your body can do dramatically change the way you look at things. When you change the way you look things, the ....

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  • Socially Conscious social distancing

    Socially Conscious social distancing

    When you have a goal, a dream, something your believing in you can always count on problems/challenges showing up. The size of the hero is determined by the size of the problem. Whether is pursuing the mission to empower the world to walk in its personal power, or being your best physically you have the become the hero of your story. Now more aware we're safely practicing what I like to call socially conscious social distance. We humans were MADE to be in community not in isolation or quarantine. We THRIVE in community and starve when force to live in isolation. Knowing this, the dojo mission has NOT changed: Create a SAFE haven of POSITIVE energy, within which to empower the world...ONE ....

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  • Motivational Minute...your Power in Getting started

    You DON'T need all the answers, just get started, there's a power in that. You see to begin something is exercising your power to take action, repeated and your own personal power becomes a force for good. Take a look.... CONTINUE to have a Powerfilled day! your friendly neighborhood Black Belt energy guy IF YOU HAVEN'T seen this yet, here is HOW OUR SAFE HAVEN has become an EVEN MORE safe place for you to be, grow and become more ....

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  • Monday Morning TaeBo

    RoundONE in The GREAT 2020 Comeback has begun!!!
    Here is this Weeks Monday Morning TaeBo.....also be sure to sign up for your IN-PERSON training, if we'll be seeing you, preregister.
    IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON COMING IN PERSON, be sure to watch this....

    CONTINUE to have a Powerfilled day!!! your friendly Neighborhood Black Belt Energy Guy ....

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