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  • Boom Boxing fit to fight

    Boom Boxing fit to fight

    Here's your chance to dance. Float like a butterfly, sting like a....well you know. Step inside the Squared Circle with us for this 30minute to win it sesh!! Want more? Opt in for our 2021 New Years Web Special!!! ....

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  • Our Plan to Keep You Safe

    Our Plan to Keep You Safe

    We've prepared our plan to keep you safe, and are looking forward to seeing you all In-person (we are currently clear for at 25% Capacity and currently offer Live TaeBo Wednesday and Saturdays ) Online (virtual training via the Dojo ZoomRoom ) A Hybrid (blending #1 & #2) The Dojo Mission is to: Create A Safe Haven of Positive Energy within which to empower the world... ONE life at a time. With The Great 2020 Comeback , the " ONE" takes on a new clarity of purpose. It means to honor YOU the individual, to honor the choices and the life you have to design and lead. We do the best we can, where we find ourselves, with what we've got. FOR THIS REASON my goal is to ....

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  • RISE ABOVE Bullying FREE community workshop!  (October Bullying Awareness Month)

    RISE ABOVE Bullying FREE community workshop! (October Bullying Awareness Month)

    FREE Community Event 10:30am Halloween Morning RISE ABOVE Bullying   Join me as we RISE ABOVE Bullying. October is Bullying Awareness Month. To finish out October and give back to the community, the dojo will be holding a FREE Bully Buster class as we Rise Above Bullying. RiseAbove Bullying is a movement by the entire Martial Arts Industry to spread the RiseAbove bullying message to over 1,000,00 people! Through participation in bully prevention/education training, we can stop the cycle. Registration is FREE for this 35minute class. No Trick, just a Treat for your Halloween that will have you feeling good, being safe all without the cavities of ....

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  • TaeBo Postive Muscle Training

    TaeBo Postive Muscle Training

    YES I CAN. We call this the Champions Attitude, 3 words to transform your mind, your body and your life! Enjoy this GREAT free for the community workout! It's work your insides AND your outsides, not to mention training a spirit for a great week. With love and positivity, The Johnsons ....

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  • Martial Arts: one key for Focus AND Parenting strategies

    Martial Arts: one key for Focus AND Parenting strategies

    Constant Chaos a PodCast dedicated to navigating the parenting challenges of school, work, home in a modern world. Add the unexpected joys of ADD and Dyslexia and it can seem like Constant Chaos! Enjoy this spirited Episode featuring the Dojo's very own 7th Degree Black Belt and head instructor Peter Johnson. ....

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  • Boxing Class

    Boxing Class

    For SURE this class is an awesome way to feed the fighter in you! Gloves ON or off, you'll be glad you step in the ring and did Punch-Out with E!!! Continue to have a Powerfilled day!!! ....

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  • YES you CAN

    YES you CAN

    from my "Yes you Can Cave" Be sure to log in and Register for This Week's Classes! MEMBER LOG IN CLICK HERE ....

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