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  • Boom Boxing 1on1 Workout

    Boom Boxing 1on1 Workout

    Always excited to represent training at its best. This workout will feel like we're right there together 1on1. Join me for a great training session bound to make you feel like we're together for real. Together we can do great things. ....

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  • E Boxing...Whats the E stand for???

    E Boxing...Whats the E stand for???

    You've got the power. WAHT does the E stand for? Well...find out. In our "Free Yourself" giveaway, enjoy this class for FREE!!! WANT MORE? Visit our WebSpecial, and we'll see you soon ....

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  • Welcome Back What's Up Monday

    Welcome Back What's Up Monday

    I hope you had a great Easter and Spring Break! I'm so excited to see you in training and in action. San Bruno, Burlingame, South San Francisco, Daly City, San Francisco, Idaho, New York, we're making it happen!!! Ya know, expansion / contraction, its a key to our training and a nice reminder that decompressing, creating inactivity, having downtime are key to performance and health. YES there is fitness, and health is the balance of what you do with your fitness. For fitness and health, its during the rest that we get stronger. Leaving what we're doing is when we exercise the p0ower to return. What I love most about time away is the starting over, the renewal. With spring in full swing ....

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  • Connor Black Belt Club Induction

    Connor Black Belt Club Induction

    YES YES YES! Connor is stepping UP! Setting the awesome life goal to BE A BLACK BELT. Attendance, attitude and focused promise to keep being his best all have qualified him as a standout for Excellence of execution! Black Belt is the DojoUSA metaphor for excellence!!! Connor, KEEP going, and keep growing, YES YOU CAN!!!! ....

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  • Martial Arts Success - Brown Belt Promotion of Mind, Body AND Spirit

    Martial Arts Success - Brown Belt Promotion of Mind, Body AND Spirit

    Shelley J "I enjoyed having a team to train with. I didn’t see the benefit of a team until we started our process. Although we are all on our own individual path to Black Belt it helped me push through tough training moments having my teammates by my side. I loved working out outdoors it will always be the highlight of my exam prep. I felt so strong and empowered. Having strangers watch us do our Katas was a proud moment. It made me realize just how powerful we really are. It also solidified my dedication to dojo training. I was proud at that moment to be a student of our Dojo and not an observer. Doing our Katas in the parking lot was fun too. I really liked the ....

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  • Fear, shadows not Substance

    Fear, shadows not Substance

    Welcome to Mr Johnson's Garden. If Mr Rogers could have "Mr Rogers' Neighborhood" this is Mr Johnson's Garden. Enjoy this story and reflection about dealing with something we all experience throughout life....FEAR. ....

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  • TaeBo Fitness

    TaeBo Fitness

    There's Power and Greatness in you Ready to unleash and unlock? We've got a HEART SMART February special. Pick it, and then click it. ....

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