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  • You're NOT miles, you're MILIMETERS

    You're reaching a little deeper, stretching a little further and moving yourself to take action in new ways. When we create a new habit for growth, sometimes we become the slave and not the master of the habit. Often your break-through, that set point you're looking for is JUST PAST the quit point. Persistence is a marvelous thing, it strengthens your faith and elevates your purpose higher than simple achievement of your goal. WHAT YOU BECOME is fundamentally improved when you moves towards your goal attainment. The goal you set, should scare you but not scar you. The growth is in the scare, that is where the courage is growth, a belief in your self in a new way is what is on the other ....

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  • Award Winning In San Bruno

    Hey, we've been given the opportunity to serve at an even greater level. Thank you to our amazing students, instructors, and community. San Bruno....the city with a Heart! ....

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  • Fit In Fall

    Best Health? Get it. Best Energy? Get it! SO much to come in the next few weeks, be a part of it! ....

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  • New Mind AND New Body

    Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! Happy end of Summer? "Awe, why did you have to remind me?" someone said when I said Happy end of summer to them. For me it IS a happy time. There's an electricity when we near our birthday, for sure the New Years celebration. It USED to be happy birthday, then it was the birthday weekend or week, NOW it's the birthday MONTH??? I believe back-to-school, end-of-summer is a great time, its one of those reset times that goes all the way back to when we were in school and wished the summer never would end. Year after year, getting ready for school has deposited somewhere in our DNA the feeling that NOW is the time for New Beginnings. Go ahead, ....

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  • Knock Knock, who's there?

    Who's there? _ _FILL IN THEBLANK _______ FILL IN THE BLANK who? When you're trying so many differentthings in life, when you find yourself movingfrom scheduled event to scheduled event, it's important to get in balance with th
    e KEY fundamentalsof life, POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. FIRST THING...#1 negative is normal
    . When I saynormal, I mean it is a part of the life experience. True enough, negative is NOT successful, but it is normal. #2 Negative is NOT to be ignored
    . (lots of people thinkignoring it is a good course of action) The minute you stop working in your "garden" you will see bugs and wicked weedsout to take all that you're cultivating. SO....whatsa person to ....

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  • CURING Your Blue Attitude

    Diseases of Attitude

    - the shrug of the shoulders, and an “it doesn’t really matter” way of thinking. The way we get to where we want to be is to pick a direction and GO….and WHAT IF it’s the wrong direction? Thinking won’t tell you; however taking action & going in that that direction will. Try harder, read more, set your goals and GO FOR IT. Whatever you are doing POUR IT ON! Learn to put everything you have into everything you do. Never give someone half a job, anything worth doing is worth doing your best.
    - mental paralysis. “I’m on the fence” this disease will pick a side and just ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in San Bruno - Dojo USA World Training Center - Your  Life is a Gift

    Your Life is a Gift

    IT IS, your life is a change to grow, to share, to learn and to contribute. The summer is greater than all the parts. Last Day of school, 4th of July, Running that Race, BBQ's, pool parties, and concerts although all great pieces of summer are not what make us truly our best. Its GROWTH....when you're growing you're alive and the best way to grow is through making deposits into someone else emotional, mental and if possible physical bank account. More great things happen to the ones seeking to lift others up to higher levels in life. Abraham Lincoln said (gotta paraphrase) you can't help the poor by becoming one of them. When you become healthier, stronger and more able to be the best ....

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  • What to do in Summer?

    During the summer, there is plenty for the farmer to do. When is comes to your success, knowing life's seasons and how to respond REALLY affects what kind of a harvest (your success) you will receive. In life, school's out, and most people plan vacations for this time of year. The more light, warmer temperatures make sitting in a rocking chair and sipping lemonade seem like the best thing to do. FALL and a harvest follows Summer and how you spend your "Summer" becomes how you reap your Fall. Summer is the BEST season to work on your diligence. Enjoying the warmer and sometimes more enjoyable temperaments is best balanced with pulling the weeds. Keeping mindful of the plan you set out in ....

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  • IRONMAN in San Bruno

    "IRONMAN" Robert Downey Jr gives Martial Arts Training credit for helping turn his life around??? From Stephen Rodrick's Profile of Robert Downey Jr.:
    On Advice for Practicing Martial Arts discipline:
    :Seriously, dont worry about looking like an idiot. It's like life: The LESS self-conscious you are, the better it works. AND remember, lots of ice and Advil afterwards. Trust me on that one." On How Wing Chun helps him cope:
    This is all about focus, Wing Chun teaches you what to concentrate on, whether you're here or out in the world dealing with problems. It's second nature for me now. I don't even get to the point where there's a problem." On ....

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  • Best Health IS Possible

    You're NOT alone! IT's POSSIBLE, it's possible, it really is. What you DO is not what you are! You're greatest is still ahead of you. On the road to improvement, it can get lonely, many people that start with you might not stay with you. I'm here to remind you, there are PLENTY of people that reach their goals. Whether they be Black Belt goals, personal goals, health or financial goals. Going through the fire is the tuition you pay to learn the skill of persistence. A mind that is strong and a spirit that is strong add up to so much more than a strong fit and toned body. Your BEST kickboxing, or special ninja martial arts skills are really made in the small little destiny points. Each ....

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  • Momentum MAkes Motivation

    Thinking about HOW to get startedis never as powerful as getting started. Thinking about WHEN the best timeto get started, is never as fruitful as getting started. Getting started creates it own energy,and importantly momentum. From momentum comes motivation! Seeing yourself DOING instead ofpicturing or thinking about doingsomething is the line you step acrosswhen you take action. When I was on tour at West Point there was a quote on the walls that wassomething like this........ In battle, I'll take a mediocre plan today isten times better than the perfect plantomorrow! ?Excited to see you take action, but MORETHAN THAT, I'm excited to be right alongsideyou too! Motivation is like ....

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  • Hold your breath, Hold your PRAISE? no........

    Would you hold your breathin the middle of training? How about when sprintingup a hill? What happens when we hold ourbreath? We physicallyshutoff our potential. What happens if you withhold yourpraise or success in training? SAME THING Immediately weshut off our potential mentally AND IMPORTANTLY spiritually too.P raise is to our mind and spirit what breath is to our body! It's LIFE FORCE. In training, setting yourself up to win mentally AND SPIRITUALLY happens just like breathing. Each rep, each kick, each punch, each technique. Building a long-term victory isabout what you do with all of your "short term" ones. Your physical health, strength, ....

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  • WOW Workout!

    Spring in your step? Energy, vitality, joy, these are things we may or may NOT think of when it comes to Cancer. As a survivor, and having lost my Mom to Cancer, the support of the Relay For Life is one thread in my life I keep strong. Working out, losing weight, being super awesome kickboxing or karate ninja is fun BUT it also is a great way of showing my gratitude for the blessing that good health is. the 2017 Relay For Life in San Bruno returns to its 24hour status. ALSO.....THE DOJO KNOCKOUT CANCER WORKOUT is lined up for this coming Wednesday. With SO much going on, its really important to support the programs that ease suffering. This is one way to see the world have MORE ....

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  • More Physical or More Mental?

    The "second half theory" states that when we engage in a competition, game, marathon or sporting contest this event can be divided into two half's. If we lose the 1st half but go on to win the 2nd half we win the entire game. It's VERY MUCH like life to have the odds not in your favor or against you. Finishing strong and having a better second needs to be defined in the mind and not by the body. The more mental, spiritual and emotionally connected you are, the more powerful you become. Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. Stacy mentioned, "why if the second half is more about mental and spiritual does it feel like its more physical?" The answer ....

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  • Getting out of Bed Tough

    Why is getting out of bed such a challenge sometimes? I think you'll hear quite a few motivational speakers say, lack of passion....I disagree in part. Why is it tough getting out of bed? YES, if you're down on yourself or vision its hard to leave the pillow. Helen Keller said the worst thing is someone with sight, yet WITHOUT vision . So agreed, being "in tune" with yourself and your purpose is necessary, but WHAT IF YOU ARE "in tune" and your bed still feels like velcro in the morning? As a TAeBo Elite Instructor and Black Belt Master Instructor, I move for a living. More than a QUARTER OF A CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE serving others in moving and feeling their best has ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in San Bruno - Dojo USA World Training Center - SUPPORT makes Your Greatness Possible

    SUPPORT makes Your Greatness Possible

    if 2017:Living The Dream is going to be a reality, you won't achieve it alone. Here's 12 tips to developing a network that will support you in your success AND the struggles that sometimes come along. 12 TIPS TO DEVELOP A NETWORK OF SUPPORT 1. Find a place in your life that uplifts you or brings you peace of mind. This place could be in nature, a place in your home, a park, (THE DOJO ;-), wherever you can go that brings you relief from the stress of the outside world. 2. Spend time with your family and loved ones. It's important that you take the time to spend time and not just money on the people you love. The bottom line of life is that we must find the time for those people most ....

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  • Your Best in 2017, IS POSSIBLE

    YES YOU CAN!!! Spring Break Body, in 10 weeks
    We're into 2017 two weeks now. Have you taken action? Is the GRIP on your new year promises stronger than ever? KEEP TIGHT, here's a GREAT way to get there. It works if you do, I PROMISE. My resolution is to offer and give more value and success with training than ever. I'm two weeks better than I was on New Years, and 10 weeks from now, WWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOOW. Come for the ride, when you and I talk about our St. Patrick's day, corned beef and cabbage wont be story #1. How great to feel AND LOOK will be. I don't wish to mislead you, this WILL be about your insides changing your outsides. IF you wish to look different you first have to think ....

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  • Do you add sweet or JUST sour?

    What I see in you when I lookin the mirror is strength, powerand endurance. These are everyingredient needed for perseverance. All I can do is continue toencourage you to see it in the mirror too. If I left the sugar out of a cake, you'dtaste it right away. When you practice yoursmile in the midst of training, its learningto add enjoyment (adding your "sugar")to the challenge, realistically what happensover time is that this becomes your anchorin the storm. You can have sweets......every timeyou train. Muscles burning, being winded, feeling fatique this are just a few of the "sours" of training, your sweet is your energy, your strength, your commitment to being better. Your sweets ....

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  • Gratitude IS the attitude

    There are going to be times when things aren't going to go right. Times when what you thought would or what needed to happen simple doesn't, what then? When you're on a road trip letting your car run out of gas is something no one plans to do much in the same way no one volunteers to have their joy, hope or success eliminated. Being the the best you can be physically emotionally and mentally is an inside job. Whether you live in San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame or South San Francisco or whether you're a focused BlackBelt in training or a kickboxing fitness success story, being your best YOU is about how you feel when you've got nothing left in your tank. The antidote and ....

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  • ADHD & The Focused Mind

    Big thank you to Beverlee Kell from CHADD and NAMI for inviting Dr Sarah Cheyette, Dr Ben Cheyette and me to talk to their group last night. It was met with such great response dozens of books were purchased on the spot, and we stayed into the night answering questions and offering insights. With the Dynamic Doctor Cheyette Duo providing information about ADHD behaviors, thinking processes and critical insight into brain function it was a pleasure to add motivation and new perspective about strengths and challenges of having ADHD or supporting someone else who does. Here's a video of what I've learned through 30 years of training and 24 years of teaching. CHADD Marin County Talk by Mr ....

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  • You CAN be your best, you CAN overcome

    " when we long for a life without pressure, remind us that Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made from pressure" Simply put We train when its possible, the more we train the better we get and the more we receive from training, it becomes MORE valuable. It's NO FUN to be unclear of the direction of your training. Clarity is power and without it, we can tend to feel a little powerless, for that I hurt inside when this is the case. I DO also know the feeling in terms of just wanting to push away from the table and say enough, no more. I believe you are NEVER ALONE in feeling like that, When I feel that way I remind myself of the quote I started this with. ....

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  • How does Memory Loss work for you?

    Can you count the times that you've said, "start today," or "begin again," or " day won is today?" I'm not able, and was curious starting this week of training, and thought you might be able to answer this question for me. Being the best you can be, best friend, best person possible requires memory loss. A fresh start is a great way to open potential. You've got to master memory loss. It means THIS IS THE DAY, today that you can harness a best self kind of a day. If you spend a day in the life of a peak performer you'll see they've got struggles, and setbacks just like anyone else. They'l got that annoying relative, that irate person in traffic, or at the store. What they're able to do ....

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  • TaeBo Fitness SummerSlam Body Winner

    Who says "I never win anything?" Its in the moments when we stop & count the things 1) we're thankful for, 2) things we're looking forward to, 3) people we love, and 4) the things that make us laugh & smile that we cultivate the Attitude of Gratitude. Gratitude is Your antidote to any negatie emotion from anger, to loss, frustration or depression..... TODAY is the FIRST day of Autumn.....ITS ALSO WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER DAY!!!! WHO WON SummerSlam Shopping Spree
    ? Watch this video Thats right, we're in week#2 of FitInFal
    l, and I can't think of a better time to refocus on your fitness, focus on eating right, training smart and cultivating feelings of joy each day. I ....

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  • Secret to Success? TWO WORDS.....

    Day1=day won!!!
    One of the toughest things we can do, is to see something with new eyes. In TaeBo kickboxing its been hundreds of thousands of Jabs, In Karate tens of thousands of kicks and punches and blocks over the last almost 3 decades!!! "Begin again " has been such a GREAT philosophy to share with my family too. It helps start each day with energy to go for it!? ?FOR YOU? IT'S POSSIBLE CANdo it too. Here's the lesson you'll need to practice, its a skill to develop and it is to become able to SEE with enthusiasm. Seeing can be passive (like watching TV) OR Seeing can be active (like looking for your keys) Enthusiasm is what turns seeing into an ....

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  • Begin Again in San Bruno Fit In Fall BEST classes

    Today is your Day#1.
    I have 4 brothers, & a sister.. You may or may not know this already but I was the fat kid of the fam. It was this way UNTIL I said 1 thing to myself. "If youdon't like howyour body is,change it."
    My purpose is your happiness, yes, BUT MOSTLY I just want you to like yourself. I've found when I'm in shape I like myself more. When I'm not in shape, I like myself less, and am less happy. I CAN'T make you happy, but I can live and encourage you to follow me in a lifestyle that will LEVEL UP your overall happiness. So, at the end of the day FIT IN FALL is 1 way to happiness. There are TONS, but this is your day1. SO.... ....

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    Did you know that getting in shape is like learning the ABC's? Yes, correct there's only THREE PARTS a) nutrition b) cardio c) strength This is in no particular order, HOWEVER, if one of the legs on a stool is taken away or not in balance with the other legs, it falls down. FitInFall starts next week SEPTEMBER 12. Are you a morning person? come at 6am Are you a night owl, come at 6pm Tonight, I get the chance to go to Back-To-School night to see how son Chad is doing. I get the chance to see the environment he spends 8-9 hours in everyday. I'm excited to see he's more focused, but I am REALLY looking forward to meeting his teachers. You see the right teacher can unlock ....

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  • San Bruno Martial Arts Kickboxing Comeback

    ONE STEP AT A TIME ONE PUNCH AT A TIME ONE ROUND AT A TIME This is the coaching Rocky offered. Are you orchestrating a comeback today? I'd say, we are all. Whether or not the choices from yesterday, this past weekend, or last year are still holding on or not, you've got one direction under your influence and that's forward. Best focus of mind body and spirit are achieve with little daily steps repeated over and over again. This day you have today, is what you've been gifted with. Your chance, your opportunity is based on how you encounter the obstacles in your path. In this negative thinking world, its not a sometime thing, its an every day thing that you will see set backs. With the ....

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  • Best Focus for ADHD like Michael Phelps developed through training

    Having the right coach is key to success. A success coach is able to take you places and offer a perspective you might not otherwise have on your own. As school starts back up, we are seeing how important focus is to learning, and more importantly confidence. Believing in yourself is a foundation. What kind of thinking do you suppose Micheal Phelps possesses? Most know that Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympic Athlete in history. DID YOU KNOW he was also diagnosed with ADHD as a child? Having a single-minded focus is a trait of ADHD. Michael Phelps' Mom knew her son would need a constructive, positive environment while surrounded by mentors and coaches that would ....

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  • YES I CAN...thriving in San Bruno

    At the dojo our THREE TO THRIVE in training is defined by THREE ingredients. Ingredient#3 is what we call the CHAMPIONS ATTITUDE and its only 3 words. YES I CAN
    With these 3 words limits fall away, plateaus seem to become figments of the mind. Martial Arts and Kickboxing creates amazing focus, self-control, discipline and most importantly confidence. Confidence is something we create. A thought in our mind and a feeling in our heart that says YES I CAN. Success begins in the mind, and what you find with champion level performance, and skill is a mindset that leads. We have been asking students new to the dojo to bring their three to thrive EVERY TIME they train. This week a ....

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  • American Pride, Olympic Gold

    Did you feel a bummer when the Olympics were over? SuperMario is exciting, and Karate being included in Tokyo Olympics 2020 is SUPER exciting, but I was still bummed out. I talked to E, talked to my brothers, other Black Belts and wrote in my journal about the "OLYMPIC SPIRIT" and why it was SO exciting. First there's the idea that ANY HUMAN BEING on the planet is the best our species has to offer. Each 4 years we are given that treat. We are truly a magnificent creation and the Olympic games has a way of showing the best of mind body and spirit all rolled into one. It incredible the physical shape and health and fitness the athletes possess. Hard work, dedication pursuit of a dream all ....

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  • MASTER, of your Emotions

    BEN HUR.....when was the last time YOU did something EPIC? Here's one EPIC and amazing thing you can do for yourself, and everyone in your life. -enjoy, your friendly neighborhood BlackBelt energy guy Today I will be master of my emotions. All nature is a circle of moods and I am a part of nature and so, like the tides, my moods will rise, my moods will fall. Today I will be master of my emotions. I will remember that as today's dead flower carries the seed of tomorrow's bloom, so to does today's sadness carry the seed of tomorrow's joy. Today I will be master of my emotions. And how will I master these emotions so that each day will be productive? ....

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  • Growing your Potential

    It takes a seed to plant in order to grow something. Y ou have permission to make training at the dojo your soil to growyour greatness. TaeBo kickboxing OR Martial Arts are two places with which you can build success of mind, body and spirit. They're interrelated and share something in common,. Use this summer to become more masterful of your emotions. Watering the thoughts of possibility, hope, a ccomplishment and victory means you WILL BEAR more of that fruit in your life. Its not only forOlympiansits for me and you too. I saw a GREAT commercial that said GOLD is an element that exists in all of us. The dojo was created as a place to let your insides change your outsides. ....

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  • TO CLEANSE OR TO CLOG...THAT is the Question

    Not sure how you're doing, but I am so thankful my head is feeling alittle better. I was talking to Alli about her headache and was LAUGHING OUT LOUD she compared her headache to a bad tequila hang over. Well, if you're head is feeling bad or gotten better, PLEASE know its a GOOD SIGN and a symptom you are SUCCESSFULLY cleansing. I told Nannette, "you are not alone" in feeling yucky. It's just a part of detoxing your body. SINCE TOMORROW marks 72hours of RAW and is officially the time to introducing cooked and other foods into your nutrition, I thought I would share a bunch of sample menus you can use for BREAKFAST

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  • Pain is Temporary, Victory is near! BOY do I have a HEADACHE!!!

    When going through a tunnel if I look and focus on the sides or top of the tunnel all I see is dark. This is equal to fighting and opponent and only looking at how they are trying to attack you. The SHIFT in focus comes when you begin to look for the openings. Every attack overs an opening, and opportunity to move, parry or strike back. Being in the present moment fully allows your mind, body and spirit to connect in a way that delivers best performance. "In the zone," "on fire," are just two examples of what others might call it. When you're using Martial Arts or TaeBo fitness Kickboxing to reach higher levels of personal development it calls upon your entire self. I've been teaching ....

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  • THRIVING in San Bruno Through Tae Bo Fitness Kickboxing and Martial Arts for families

    I'm going to be traveling....what do I do? PACK!!! Some pack the week before, some the night before, SOME rare thrill adrenaline seekers get up EXTRA early and pack the day of. REGARDLESS of your packing style, I wanted to encourage your training to be at its best with a simple list. I call this your 3 TO THRIVE. These are the three things you'll want to have with you in ANYTHING you do. 1) comfortable clothes (dressing the part, helps you BE the part) 2) Water (more than 80% of your body functioning has to do with this #1habit 3) "YES I CAN" champions attitude (success DOES start in the mind after all) With respects to your TODAY. These three to thrive you CAN pack for a great ....

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  • Play Day#1 week WON

    PLAY DAY....You've arrived!!! This is play day#1 of week WON. Time to get out the list of things you passed on eating for the past 6 days! Its a time to celebrate AND to refocus. To help you, here's a video about how your eating and your focus can make you MORE sucessful THIS WEEK than you were LAST WEEK. The original formula of the world afterall is work 6, rest 1. I've found this to be a GREAT equation. The weeds of my success garden NEVER seem to take hold within 24 hours. So spend to today appreciating your success, AND also amend and plan for the next 6 days how you will be better. Enjoy this for your best Sculpting and TaeBo kickboxing success!! XXXX CONTINUE to ....

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  • PowerWalk leads to POWER TALK ---Confidence and Energy is yours NOW San Bruno Martial Arts

    A person without a goal, is like a ship without a rudder. You may wander around, knowing in general where you'd LIKE to end up, but with very little control of the course. Whether you're a Captain sailing, East, OR West its NOT the wind but the set of the sail that leads you on course. The setting of your sail, is the goal you set. Its the rudder, its what you use to determine direction, regardless of the wind..... The SAME wind blows on us all, it truly is the setting of your sails that moves you on course. If each day you look at your goals, and follow a plan to get you to them, you WILL reach them. The journey might be like crossing the ocean, it might be a Kickboxing or Karate match ....

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  • Your Best happens today. Are your bags packed? San Bruno MArtial Arts, a vacation destination

    15% off Back-to-school supplies.....
    SAY WHAT??????? DID you see it yet? Did you see the back-to-school sale ads? I did, thispast weekend. WELLLLL....Don't let that fool you, summer is in full swing. Its a GREATtime to be active, fit and healthy. Don't think shopping quite yet. Heart, mind and body. GET READY on the inside BEFORE you step inside those sales.Back-to-school prep is helpful, howeverif it gets you to miss THIS season, it mightbe unraveling "best" thinking. It's entirely possible to look sofar ahead, you take your eye offof where you are. It's really aboutfocus. Your growth, your development,your "a little better today" is aboutfocus. Keep in mind that having a longterm ....

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  • 3 Ingredients of your Success, health of mind, emotions and body

    Happy Humpday! It's Wednesday after July 4th!!! Your success begins in your mind. IF you wait to have ALL GREENlights before leaving your house,we'll end up going nowhere. There's a proven process to accomplish yourgoals and become the best versionof yourself. It's 1000's of years old, and just as relevant today on Google as itwas with sticks & stones. Amending where you've been isa matter of changing your viewfrom the rear to thefront. Knowing you are unique is a fuelthat ignitesyour desire for being abest versionof self. Thebest farmer can't just stand there lookingat the fields andwish a crop into existence. Plantingfertilizing and tending to your ....

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  • FREEdom to be Your best

    240 years old! That'sAmerica! Happy First Fridayof Julyand Happy 1st of the month. You know, when we're striving andworking towards an ideal, we reallyare a lot like the "founding father's." Youhold a dream and a vision in your heartand mind of what's possible. You believein making it come true, you define it andsee it each day. Your actionsare whatturn that into reality. Each new month I have a routine ofcreating a NEW BEGINNING. A freshstart, a new perspective can really takesomething old and make it new. Sincethis is a Holiday weekend, I wanted tosay I am SO thankful for America and itsideals. I know, we've got our share ofproblems and challenges, HOWEVER theboats, planes, ....

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  • San Bruno Hustle Behind the muscle with Fitness Kickboxing Fun!

    Join us this week at the Dojo for SummerSlam Sign ups. IF you had only 8weeks and wanted to get focused, get in the best shape possible, what would YOU do? SummerSlam is a GREAT opportunity to tone, firm, lose weight and increase your energy and focus for summer. With SummerSlam you will JAM! Summer really is a great time of year. This season seems to remind us about being active, outside, and enjoying our family and friends. Let your body & the weather work together and create amazing results. A workout for the body that engages the mind while bring power AND IS FUN??? You found it. Search no more. Remember the adage, if you know, then show it? Time to put some hustle ....

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  • San Bruno Martial Arts Success Story

    "If you are feeling like you can't do something, or you are unable to do it, you have to keep pushing through and you will eventually reach your goal. It might not be your time right now, but...everyone has their time" Words of experience, and wisdom from Gino "Mr Villeggiante" as he's used this training to define him rather than his epilepsy. There are going to be plenty of times when things are going to go right, times when you're down. These are the moments of orchestration and re-connection. You've got to be will to be your best and through training connect your mind, body and spirit. Knowing your goal is key to defining your purpose. It was written the good book that without a goal ....

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  • Float or Sting, Butterfly to Bee, nothing can stop TaeBo boxing class in San Bruno

    You COULD spend this weekend like this... Life without San Bruno Martial Arts Father's Day Boxing?
    you & Dad can be at DojoUSA 8am Saturday. You'll get a chance at "thegreatest" boxing class in San Bruno!!! Why? Because, w here there's a will, there's DojoUSA! Energize this weekend and give Dad an experience quite different and unique, just like him! ? Brunch? yeah, standard
    Socks? yeah (yawn) English Leather? yeah, hmmm do they still make this?
    The Greatest BOXING CLASS?
    THAT'S unique
    Historically known as protectors this will make Dad move and feel like "The Greatest." ....

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  • Greatest Boxing In San Bruno

    Happy Monday!And Happy Father's Day Week! Openingthe paper was depressing. From deaths todisappointments,its a lesson that repeatsitself,IF I GO TO THE NEWSfor my joy, or happiness....I find......something else, usually the opposite. Joy is a lowcommodity in the news. ?HOWEVER, there's a one broadcasting skill you've got topractice developing. You've gottobecome your own positive NEWS ANCHOR. ?Good news has got to come frominside you, not inside the newspaperor on the news feeds. This week is agreat week to be the light that othersneed to see shining. Its a 1 letter differencefrom being a whiner and a shiner. Scomes before W anyways. Make this week an au
    to-setting. ....

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  • Your best self, fully healthy and focused through best training in San Bruno

    You've got 3 ingredients that make you unique. Your mind Your body Your spirit These can be LIKEothers, but they are not identical TO others. ALSO these happen to be your keys to unlock your best day. YOUR FORMULA

    What you think about most is what you will become. Are you focused more on problems or on opportunity? What IS your mind telling you?
    How you move your body, your motions, makes upyour Emotions. Inactivity, is the new "smoking" and a VERY new health focus. Are you creating empowering emotions, through empowered movement daily.
    Your spirit gives purpose and meaning to everything you do. This is the imprint you leave on other people's ....

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  • San Bruno boxing Future In Advance

    " I AM THE GREATEST" Ali, is known for these 4 words. With only 4 words he transformed his destiny, sports, popular culture, diplomatic relations and race relations. He is my personal example that what we WISH to be, we CAN beas long as we speak from belief and not just desire. My longest standing best friends Sean, taught me to wake eachday and say these 4 words. Sean told me, if it's good enough for Ali, it's good enough for me. I am SO grateful for learning this Ali lesson.....What lesson have YOU learned? is entirely possible to speak what you want to happen as though it has ALREADY HAPPENED, and you will find that it DOES happen. Today is day#1 of the ....

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  • Kickboxing and Martial Arts in Millbrae

    Check out our new website for DOJO USA!
    We proudly serve the San Bruno areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Programs, TaeBo® Fitness Kickboxing, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to Like us on Facebook ! ....

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