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The "I DIDN'T reach my goal" line is LONGER than the "I REACHED my goal" line. Which one do you want to be in?

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Motivation gets you started, but discipline KEEPS YOU GOING….…
I KNEW there’s something different about you!  This is due to the fact that it’s a certain type of pro-active person that reads these.

Here’s one thing you know we can count on: motivation shows up but...OFTEN  it goes away just as fast.  Sadly, following the path of motivation in order to make progress has you feeling like you're riding a rollercoaster between extremes.  You get closer and closer and then WHAMMO, low energy enthusiasm, or loss of drive.....  If you’re nodding while reading this saying, "yep, that's me."  If this DOES describe you, welcome to the club!  I'm the same way.  It’s something I personally struggle with each day.  

HOWEVER, daily rituals strengthen discipline muscles.  Discipline is dependable because it reaches beyond the momentary challenge and gains strength from something more timeless.  Sticking to your prepared plan creates LOADS of mileage for your soul.  Sticking to a discipline like reviewing AND THEN CELEBRATING your progress.  Discipline says it’s about progress, not perfection.  AFTER you celebrate amend where you will do better.  The same wind blows on ALL SHIPS, but it’s the setting of the sail that determines where one boat ends up, and another ends up aground.  

While out past San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in a 40 foot sailboat during a higher belt test with students, I had the chance to learn some GREAT lessons firsthand. One of them was that with proper practice and developed skill (discipline)……..it’s EVEN POSSIBLE to set your sail correctly and sail AGAINST THE WIND and still make forward progress and end up where you choose.  Sailing INTO the wind?....you CAN do what seems impossible!  The setting of your sails is mindset....

For centuries, MILLIONS of adults looking for an edge have been attracted to the Martial Arts.  The daily focus, being able to move balanced, smooth and powerfully are traits training develops.  All practice in the martial arts is cumulative, it all adds up!  Over time, like getting your degree, progress shows up.  Success setbacks on the way are like cramming for finals, or taking 21 units!  BUT being in control of your course (your daily disciplines) allows you to determine whether you will reach the shore of success or run aground on the rocks of failure.  Our program is designed with your success in mind.  Maximizing your productivity happens with focus burst and recovery.  Dojo training and promotions are designed with short term victories creating long term progress.

Why NOT set your sail differently and sail in for training?  It might end up being the right change of course that your goals needed!  See you soon


Your friendly neighborhood BlackBelt Energy Guy

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