How you love life, is how it will love you back

How you love life, is how it will love you back

I take what can be thought of as a backwards approach to training.  For some that don’t understand, I’ll explain.  I believe the world is full of places that offer classes and training focused on the idea that, “when you look better you will feel better, OR when you look better you will have more self-confidence.”  Our world is full of images of what we should look like and that if only we could look like someone else then all our problems would be solved and we’d be happy.  The dojo approach is all about your inside changing your outside.  Self-confidence doesn’t come from what you see it comes from how you feel.  Confidence, strength, and power first happen on the inside.  When these are brought out with effective coaching then your outside has NO CHOICE BUT to follow along.  Simply put, you will look how you consistently feel.  Instead of trying to fit you into some sort of mold, we focus on taking the good that is inside you and bring it out.  Training consistently teaches you how to feel empowered, when you FEEL empowered you will BE empowered and you WILL look empowered.  Vanity is something to be careful of.  Body composition is a PART of health and fitness, however it is not the only part.  Health is not about body composition alone it is based on the total benefits of exercise, how you think and feel, MOST of which you CAN’T see. 

I have a file called the “Peter Johnson” file.  In it I have placed all the letters and emails I have received telling me student victory stories.  This month I was inspired to read many of the victory stories I've received over the past few years.  Besides physical accomplishments, losing 20, 30, 40 even 100lbs, the stories that floor me are the ones sent saying how someone's grown to successfully do and try things they normally might not have even tried were it not for training.    I have letters of people telling me how their training helped them quit smoking, how it gave them the strength to ask for a promotion at work, strength to decide to have a baby, to decide to get married, and many many many more.  PErhaps its time YOU visited YOUR VICTORIES what ways have you made other peoples lives stronger, healthier, and better.  THIS really is how the dojo is different, it is our mission that your life be Powerfilled, not just your body!!!



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