Veteran Legacy

Veteran Legacy

Giving.  THIS is the Legacy of Veterans.  Sacrificing the good of self to honor others.  "For the good of others" is a mindset, that is a cure for limited thinking.  When you make a habit of serving others, saying to yourself, "let there be good" or "I will fight the good fight" greatness shows up.  You've got the have the courage to live with the pressure of giving and encouraging others, but what we do in these moments reveals the character.

Being a Leader is part defined by taking the moments of challenge and use them strategically to make better in the world and in the lives of those we are honored to touch.  I'm happy that this time each year I get to embrace my Grandfather's challenge to give, grow and be the best he could be.  When he was decommissioned he had only $100 in his pocket, but created a legacy of success that will stretch into generations of lives after him.  

Operation Gratitude gave us the chance to bring some home to the troops overseas.  Giving something up for others is a lesson in selflessness.  I am so grateful for all that participated at the dojo. Together we have donated more than 832 ounces of home feelings, YES YES YES!  Take the time to extend your gift, see others that leave your presence made greater for having spent time with you. 


You've done things and had things happen in our life that are inexplicably good, there's miracle built into your DNA.  Make a list of all the things that have happened for your good, you'll find there's more for your than against you.  We are in the richest country, not because of our economics but because of the amounts in our mental accounts.  Like Albert Schweitzer said "what ever you have received more than others.....render in return an unusually great sacrifice of your life for other life"


Excited by the process.

Your Friendly Neighborhood  Black Belt Energy Guy




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