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    I know there are times when you think you HAVE to stop, but you don’t.  I know there are times when you think you SHOULD take it easy, but this doesn’t mean you must!  You see, when you look to the hill ahead that you have to climb to be the best you can be, that hill looks SO steep.  All you must do is lean, put your head forward and keep going.   When you commit yourself and show the tenacity you have to continue, you will see the weeks and months pass.  As you STAY committed you will find yourself becoming the best you can be!  Training and working out uses your body, but that does not mean it is about your body.  Training is a time and opportunity for you to make contact with yourself and your fears, it’s a time for you to discover AND TO STRENGTHEN what is inside.  Take care of each day and the years WILL take care of themselves.....AND YOU.  You end up better off, a better version of yourself.  

Not every day MUST be a record breaking day, but a day spent asking just 1% improvement is possible. Not only is it possible, its good for you.

f you’re struggling getting to class, or eating right...IT GETS EASIER, it really does.  BE committed and you will see and feel the difference!  If you are struggling with something, stop struggling.  Put your head down and just decide you’ll do whatever it takes.  Be more of the architect and less of the building inspector when it comes to creating what you want.  Do this and you will attract success a lot sooner than you realize.  When you get the end of the rope, put the rope down.  The struggle is between doing and saying you're going to do.  Take a lesson of excellence from this week.

Soon, we'll be hearing JETS SOARING overhead this week.  Precision & excellence comes from practice and repetition.  You WILL get there, don't give up, keep the faith in yourself and step step step.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other., 

 your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy guy

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Your health and safety is first and foremost and, why we successfully exceed the State and County Health requirements set forth for operating in-person training or instruction to adapt and manage Pandemic.
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