YOUR Most powerful Language

YOUR Most powerful Language

BEGIN.  The most powerful step to accomplishment and achievement also happens to be one of the toughest.  Your dream is in your mind, but to make it happen in the world means you must take your thought and ADD ACTION.  This is step one in "THE MIRACLE PROCESS"  Once you begin to act you've got to keep doing little things a LOT of times and build momentum and energy in the direction of accomplishment.  Inch by inch everything is a cinch.  Expecting you will be able to Lifting too much too soon can make you feel TOO BAD.  


It doesn't matter how you feel, it matters what you do.  Its NOT how you feel about a thing, its what you DO about a thing that matters most.  Your body is a translator.  You see no one knows, or hears your words more than you, as a result NO ONE UNDERSTANDS YOUR WORDS MORE THAN YOU.  This is why actions speak louder than words.  I don't have to feel confident, I have to STAND CONFIDENT and my actions will follow my posture.  Someone can watch the good that you repeatedly do, and determine you are good.  Someone can watch you take repeated small disciplined actions and pretty much figure out, you've got a system to keep you disciplined.  Your words can get in the way.   Getting to know someone is watching someone.  The body language of our actions can communicate more than you could ever say.  


Taking action IS taking steps towards your success, and your unique vision.  Give yourself a chance and take an inch action today, then repeat repeat repeat.  Find the fun in repetition, its a chance to shape your habits.  Once you build a good habit, become its slave.  Little by little shape, hone and posture action in the direction of your inspiration, and motivation WILL find you.  Action speaks louder than words, so what will YOU SAY TODAY, in the body language way?


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