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EVEN The Math Tells You!!!

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EVEN The Math Tells You!!!

"There's only one me."  go ahead, you can say that.  Say it outloud (if you're able) IF NOT, at the VERY least, pause and repeat that to yourself.

"There's only ONE me."

Breath that idea in, let it sink into you, don't just move on to the next line.

Really cause yourself to breath it, feel it...FEEL IT, be it.  Yes, there is REALLY only one you. There are MANY challenges...  Challenges come and challenges go.  MANY challenges and what sometimes feels like TOO MANY is just further proof of how much YOU have to offer.

"There's only one me"
"There are many challenges"
"But there is still only one me."

As the challenges come and go, YOU remain.  This is math you cannot refute. The power of one, YOU is a power that circumstances revolve around.  Whether or not you're the cause of the challenges, I can't say.  What I can do is point out the simple math.  Les Brown taught me that no one could sing my song, no one could write my story, only I can fight my fight.

Just like we live with the gravity of the planet we live on, the challenges you face come to you.  Allow yourself to BE greater than the circumstances you're facing.  Whether its increasing your level of joy, your level of health or wealth, know that the power you've got inside you is enough.  YOU are enough, you are worthy and your life is worth it.   If you are having a great go at the challenges of life, you're unique HOWEVER you're not alone.  Continue to trust in yourself, the victory is being built through the struggle you encounter.

To your best,

your friendly neighborhood Black Belt energy guy

if you know of anyone that would

benefit from better mental physical

or emotional strength or a way to 

bolster character, forward this along

to them.  I've found that great people

associate with other great people.  Champions,

dont need to be told, but they do need

reminders.  always nice to have someone in your corner.

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