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You CAN cut Stone!

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You CAN cut Stone!


One evening while Grandpa was visiting for conversation over dinner.  During dinner the Grandson was complaining how hard the coach was making him work up and down the basketball court.  “Grandpa, I’m the slowest one, and the coach always makes me run extra after practice.  EVERYONE is watching me, and the pressure is MORE than I can handle.” 


With a knowing but sympathetic smile, the Grandfather said, “pressure is good. Let me tell you a story about pressure and results”


“If you don't know about stone cutters, they work like this.....They are given a big heavy sledgehammer with which they pound gigantic pieces of boulders and rocks.  They slam their

hammer down as hard as they can hundreds even THOUSANDS of times with seemingly NO progress........then.....all of a sudden they hit the boulder and ”CRACK” the giant rock splits!  It wasn't that one last hit that split the rock, but rather the pressure that had been created from the repeated work of the stone cutter! 


Then he said “your coach is a stone cutter, He believes in your ability to transform and you are LUCKY to have someone to give you the pressure required to make that transformation.

Because we don't see the results we want immediately does NOT mean we aren't making progress!  Consistency is what builds the pressure required for transformation!  We have to

be convinced and focused on the idea that results ARE coming!


Learn to look for progress and let results show up.  Be a STONE Cutter.

I've always loved the spirit of " when we long for a live without challenge or problems, remind us Oak Tress grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made from pressure." 


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