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Who's there?  __FILL IN THE BLANK_______


When you're trying so many different things in life, when you find yourself moving from scheduled event to scheduled event, it's important to get in balance with the KEY fundamentals of life, POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.  

FIRST THING...#1 negative is normal.  When I say normal, I mean it is a part of the life experience. 

True enough, negative is NOT successful, but it is normal. #2 Negative is NOT to be ignored.  (lots of people think ignoring it is a good course of action)  The minute you stop working in your "garden" you will see bugs and wicked weeds out to take all that you're cultivating.  SO....whats a person to do?  

When it comes to your “weeds” YOU DON’T HAVE TO live in them,  but you do have to handle them.

Understand the twin experience of life is about opportunity (positive success), and threats to take that opportunity (negativity).  

IF you ignore your weeds, the weeds will take over your garden.  SO WHAT DO YOU DO?  How do you kill the weeds?  

In the absence of light, guess what shows up?....darkness  

IF good does not arouse itself and become active, guess what moves in?  Evil.

It's a mental and physical war, between accomplishment and failure, enterprise and ease.  The GOOD NEWS is evil is no match for good, your “weeds” are no match for human activity.

There would be no Light without darkness.  One suggests the other. If you DIDN'T have negative you wouldn't have positive.  Negative wants to move in and live in the Garden of our mind, and we have to be the ones to push it back.  THIS struggle in the garden is what makes life a worthwhile experience.  The key is to use the negative to keep focused on the positive.

LALA Land was a movie, but not a strategy for life.....if ALL is happy ALL THE TIME.....it would drive most everyone nuts.  The key to your success and mine is polarity. It’s balance.  That balance is create by the interplay of the poles.  Enjoy BOTH the poles......without the negative connection your batteries don't work.  Enjoy the contrast.  But recall

“To every season, turn turn turn, a time to laugh and a time to cry.”

Looking forward to celebrating and strengthening this season of positive. 

When we “engage”, “grind”, “clang & bang” it transforms your “negatives” “naysayers” “critics” “weeds” into instruction versus destruction.

See you soon...

Happy to work in Garden & 

grow something great with you,

Your friendly neighborhood Black Belt energy guy

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