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CURING Your Blue Attitude

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Diseases of Attitude

  • Indifference- the shrug of the shoulders, and an “it doesn’t really matter” way of thinking.  The way we get to where we want to be is to pick a direction and GO….and WHAT IF it’s the wrong direction? Thinking won’t tell you; however taking action & going in that that direction will.  Try harder, read more, set your goals and GO FOR IT.  Whatever you are doing POUR IT ON!  Learn to put everything you have into everything you do.  Never give someone half a job, anything worth doing is worth doing your best.


  • Indecision- mental paralysis.  “I’m on the fence” this disease will say...so pick a side and just get off.  Not choosing is making a choice to disempower your choices.  


  • Doubt- this like a plague it can spread, BUT the worst kind of doubt? self-doubt.  Doubt if you can make it, doubt if its possible, doubt if you have the ability, the strength or the skills.  Turn doubt over and become a believer.  The understanding of your self-worth is the beginning of progress


  • Worry- worry causes health problems, social problems, family problems.  Turn yourself from a super worrier- into a super warrior.  Give it up, its not easy, its work, but its worth it.  Get the monkey of worry off your back, and you will life the most amazing life without it.


  • Over caution- some people will never have much because their too cautious.  This is a TIMID approach to life.  Its important to be humble, but NOT timid.  Language of the poor, “but what if this happens.”  Here’s a truth, in life all success is risky.  Having children is risky, getting married is risky, and starting a business is risky.  Give it a go.  If you’re looking for safety and security, huddle in the corner.  Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure when it comes to your success.  How long you live might not impact you as much as how you live.  If you dont jump, your parachute may never open.     


  • Pessimism- Always looking on the bad side, the problem side, the side of all the reasons why it cant be done.  This one doesn’t look for why and how it can, they look for the why it cant be done.  Looking through the window to see the sun setting the pessimist will miss the sunset and see the specks of dirt on the window.  Glass ½ full and ½ empty is the SAME MEASURE…what affects it is how you choose to look at it.  POOR thinking habits, keep most people poor NOT WORK habits, most people work hard….but think poor.  As you think, so shall you become.


  • Complaining, crying, whining, griping, murmuring- Its so powerful and addicting this disease has developed many different faces and names.  Whatever its called, you spend 5minutes complaining and you have wasted 5minutes.  “Economic cancer of the bone” its been called.  When you complain and complain, you create addiction to the pain.   Indulge in this long enough, and you get your future cancelled.



What you read pours MASSIVE ingredients into your mental factory, what you create in the that factory is based on the ingredients that go into it. “How you build the good life?”  It’s simple, its not EASY , but it simple.  Select right ingredients, keep out the wrong ingredients and it starts with thoughts.  Be wise and careful with what you think about.  What happens if someone drops sugar in your coffee?  What if they drop cyanide in your coffee?  LESSON #1 life is both sugar and cyanide.


What if your worst enemy drops sugar in your coffee?  What if your best friend drops cyanide in your coffee?  LESSON#2 WATCH YOUR COFFEE


How do we inoculate ourselves from these diseases of the mind?  Your cure, your healing, your “treatment” can only come from you.  Stand guard to the door to your mind.  In the absence of light, dark shows up.  It’s the absence of positive, building thoughts, dark diseases take place.  These diseases cannot thrive in the positive environment of mind in plus mode.  Darkness never goes fully away, it hides and waits till the absence of light.  If this finds you, suffering or not at ease from one of these diseases of the mind, take heart, begin again, and fill yourself with words of your worth.  There's only one of you, this means mastery is built into you.  Strength requires struggle and in this sense, your struggle in this regard becomes your strength.


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