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You're NOT alone!  IT's POSSIBLE, it's possible, it really is.  What you DO is not what you are!  You're greatest is still ahead of you.  On the road to improvement, it can get lonely, many people that start with you might not stay with you.  I'm here to remind you, there are PLENTY of people that reach their goals.  Whether they be Black Belt goals, personal goals, health or financial goals.  Going through the fire is the tuition you pay to learn the skill of persistence.  A mind that is strong and a spirit that is strong add up to so much more than a strong fit and toned body.  Your BEST kickboxing, or special ninja martial arts skills are really made in the small little destiny points.  

Each decision you have is a really your destiny being shaped and carved into what you wish to become.  When you in the marathon of life, there are numerous "quit points" too.  A LOT of your quit points you can see in advance, but every now and again something comes up on your blind side and causes you to wonder if what you're doing is really worth it.  I wanted to encourage  you and say YES IT'S WORTH IT!  YOU, are worth it.  Your dream is worth it.  You were given a goal, a dream and a purpose for a reason.  That reason not only serves you in being your best, but the people in your life will benefit from it too.  So, I say if you're asking "why", I say "why not?"  Why not you?  You are unique on this earth as your retina is from others.  There's not two snowflakes alike" it's been reported, well the same holds for you.  You may dress like, talk like, walk like, even start to think like others around you, but these are just your actions, they are not your identity.  

Your special identity, your purpose, are special to you.  Hope dreams all must be watered nurtured and at times pruned, but being the steward of your vision is your job, thats why its your vision.  Keep going, don't stop, plan the work, and then WORK THE PLAN, you can do it, its possible, it really is!


Your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy guy



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