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Momentum MAkes Motivation

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Thinking about HOW to get started is never as powerful as getting started.

Thinking about WHEN the best time to get started, is never as fruitful as getting started.

Getting started creates it own energy, and importantly momentum.
From momentum comes motivation!

Seeing yourself DOING instead of picturing or thinking about doing something is the line you step across when you take action.  When I was on tour at West Point
there was a quote on the walls that was something like this........

In battle, I'll take a mediocre plan today is ten times better than the perfect plan tomorrow!

​Excited to see you take action, but MORE THAN THAT, I'm excited to be right alongside you too!  Motivation is like bathing, it must be continually practiced and practiced.  Let's KEEP
shining together.  I'm not saying YOU GO DO, I'm riding the "Let's Do it" train!

See you in training and the "LET'S DO IT TRAIN" will leave the station.....WOO WOO!!!

Your friendly neighborhood
Black Belt Energy Guy

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