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"when we long for a life without pressure, remind us that Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made from pressure"

Simply put
We train when its possible, the more we train the better we get and the more we receive from training, it becomes MORE valuable.   It's NO FUN to be unclear of the direction of your training. Clarity is power and without it, we can tend to feel a little powerless, for that I hurt inside when this is the case.    I DO also know the feeling in terms of just wanting to push away from the table and say enough, no more. I believe you are NEVER ALONE in feeling like that, When I feel that way I remind myself of the quote I started this  with.  It's ok to feel down, but you've got to empower yourself to make decisions from a place of power and not exasperation. 

With respects to training, there are no judgements or valuations placed on you. Craziness of life may sometimes take a hold of you.... I'd love to see people everyday training all the time...but you have to find balance.   I continue to encourage the process of  EVER-ENDING come back to training.  You've GOT to catch THIS though.... the value of training IS time released ;-). This is often why returning can be tough since at some level we know that putting a little time in first must happen before we get back up to full steam.  I MUST REMIND YOU that it is In the moments you're not building skill that you are building something MUCH MORE VALUABLE...your character. 

A student just became a Dad IN march. Earlier this year, he said he couldn't train at all and needed to take  a break for a while.  GUESS WHAT?  His "while" only  lasted 8weeks after his son Max was born.  Since then he's been focused on training 1 day a week.   You never know what's possible until you try.  Will my student progress in skill or in fitness? Not in rank since his attendance is at 50% of what's considered minimum.   BUT....Is he benefitting from training? Heck YES.  He gets to spend time with himself focused on being better, training happens to be the vehicle he's using, outside of his crazy StartUp and NEwBaby home 

You've heard me say after your BlackBelt every day is your BlackBelt test....living is hard.  Well it's hard at least if you want your accomplishments to be  something more than a trophy you once earned at  one time in the past.  Our car batteries don't run if the negative IS removed....so it is with life.  We must create balance between what builds us and what burdens us.  Balance.   Balance.  Balance. It's about balance.  All or nothing is only helpful in certain circumstances, not necessarily when seeking balance.    Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment  OR even better share this with a friend if you found it valuable. 


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