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How does Memory Loss work for you?

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Can you count the times that you've said, "start today," or "begin again," or " day won is today?"  I'm not able, and was curious starting this week of training, and thought you might be able to answer this question for me.  Being the best you can be, best friend, best person possible requires memory loss.  A fresh start is a great way to open potential.  You've got to master memory loss.  It means THIS IS THE DAY, today that you can harness a best self kind of a day.

If you spend a day in the life of a peak performer you'll see they've got struggles, and setbacks just like anyone else.  They'l got that annoying relative, that irate person in traffic, or at the store.  What they're able to do is have a "this one is my best one" point of view.  To do this over and over and over can get tiring, but NOT if you have short term memory loss.  Forget past challenges, and embrace this lesson and opportunity of today.  Push wears out, but pull does not.  Pushing yourself gets tough.  When you develop a habit of being in the present moment, you will be pulled though it.

Wiring yourself to see tough times as growth time is a habit.  Les Brown taught me instead of saying I'm having a hard day, to say "I'M HAVING A CHARACTER BUILDING DAY!"  Character is what we do when no one is watching, this means you've developed a relationship with yourself.  In the "i" word of today, time with ourselves is more and more rare.  You develop your spiritual and emotional muscles when you do this.  Whether you're Steph Curry, or Labron James developing muscle leads to winning performances.

Spend today, being in today.  Today is a gift, that is why its called the present.  How will you unwrap today?

CONTINUE to have a Powerfilled day!!!

your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy Guy

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