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San Bruno Martial Arts Kickboxing Comeback

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This is the coaching Rocky offered.  Are you orchestrating a comeback today?  I'd say, we are all.  Whether or not the choices from yesterday, this past weekend, or last year are still holding on or not, you've got one direction under your influence and that's forward.  Best focus of mind body and spirit are achieve with little daily steps repeated over and over again.  This day you have today, is what you've been gifted with.  Your chance, your opportunity is based on how you encounter the obstacles in your path.  In this negative thinking world, its not a sometime thing, its an every day thing that you will see set backs.  With the right focus, you can build character in adversity.  

When character is built in adversity it crafts a greater joy in victory.  One day at a time, one choice at a time one action at a time.  How you decide to work your body is a byproduct of the greater spirit that is inside you.  Going on 24 years as a teacher with the opportunity to see people create best and winning health has taught me, its about choices and decisions.  Champions are revealed once they are knocked down, WITH setback comebacks follow.  Is it possible to have a comeback WITHOUT a setback?  

The idea of a comeback is to rise beyond and rise above whatever current challenges you may be facing and continue to move forward.  Its YOUR direction when you think about.  The difference in TaeBo fitness lies in the spirit.  Organizing your mind with a powerful thought, having a pure intention in your heart are the two things needed to get up off the couch and move.  An umbrella AND YOUR MIND were made to be open.  Open yourself up to possibility, open yourself up to moving the needle of life towards "my best" today.  Forward it's your direction, decide and make that choice.


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