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American Pride, Olympic Gold

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Did you feel a bummer when the Olympics were over?  SuperMario is exciting, and Karate being included in Tokyo Olympics 2020 is SUPER exciting, but I was still bummed out.  I talked to E, talked to my brothers, other Black Belts and wrote in my journal about the "OLYMPIC SPIRIT" and why it was SO exciting.


First there's the idea that ANY HUMAN BEING on the planet is the best our species has to offer.  Each 4 years we are given that treat.  We are truly a magnificent creation and the Olympic games has a way of showing the best of mind body and spirit all rolled into one.  It incredible the physical shape and health and fitness the athletes possess.  Hard work, dedication pursuit of a dream all rolled into self-discipline focus and perseverance.  The sheer power of the accomplishment, dedication, sacrifice and joy displayed at the games brings tears to my eyes EVERY TIME.  It is AMAZING that NEW RECORDS are made Every games.  THIS is proof that we are capable of more than we realize.


THEN there's the stories behind the athletes and their families.  Driving to training, starting before dawn, and how the family rallies around their athlete.  My brother's Mother-in-Law is a multiple Gold medalist from the 1968 Olympics, her story is gripping as is any other Olympian.  After all these influences, it struck me, what I REALLY LOVE about the games.


Each Athlete represents AMERICA!  AMERICAN PRIDE is not only accepted, its celebrated.  From the pole vaulter STOPPING in the middle of his event to stand at attention for our National Anthem, to the first woman wrestler (tough athletes) crying while singing the words, to athletes draping themselves in our stars and stripes.  Its moving to me.  I REALLY DO believe in truth justice and the american way.  This country and the opportunity it offers IS a ladder to climb.  I'm SO fortunate to see those that DO climb rise.  


KEEP this spirit in your heart.  If you climb, you WILL RISE.  Training is the opportunity to face the same kinds of challenges Gold medalists face.  Climb, rise.  If this message resonates....GREAT its meant to touch you.  Red White And Blue means anything can come to you, if you are willing to climb.  Thank you Rio, Tokyo2020 here we come!!!


climbing and rising, how about you?


your friendly neighborhood Black Belt energy guy

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