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THRIVING in San Bruno Through Tae Bo Fitness Kickboxing and Martial Arts for families

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I'm going to be traveling....what do I do?  PACK!!!  Some pack the week before, some the night before, SOME rare thrill adrenaline seekers get up EXTRA early and pack the day of.  REGARDLESS of your packing style, I wanted to encourage your training to be at its best with a simple list.

I call this your 3 TO THRIVE.  These are the three things you'll want to have with you in ANYTHING you do.  

1) comfortable clothes (dressing the part, helps you BE the part)

2) Water (more than 80% of your body functioning has to do with this #1habit

3) "YES I CAN" champions attitude (success DOES start in the mind after all)

With respects to your TODAY.  These three to thrive you CAN pack for a great day today ALSO, it doesn't just apply for your best Tae Bo Fitness kicboxing and Martial Arts training in San Bruno...YOU CAN USE THESE EVERYWHERE, keep reading.......

You may not be feeling at your best, but #1 comfortable clothes can also mean, being confident and sure of WHO you are and what your strengths.  Whatever you do today when you bring your strengths to it, I know you will not only FEEL better when you finish, but you will also DO better and add the most value.  Lunch with a friend or meeting with a colleague BOTH are enhanced when you show up happy with who you are.  "It is better to look good than to feel good" -Billy Crystal

WATER????  That's right, from training to LIVING, the single most important habit YOU can nurture today is hydration.  Drink water, feel better.

AND FINALLY, meet today with a YES I CAN attitude.  Your mind hears 600-800 words every minute in your head.  The self-talk you are consistently using determines the outcome of what you do.  Talk yourself up, spend your life in the CAN today, and the can't fade away.

CONTINUE to have a Powerfilled day!!!

your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy Guy

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