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Play Day#1 week WON

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PLAY DAY....You've arrived!!!  This is play day#1 of week WON.  Time to get out the list of things you passed on eating for the past 6 days!  Its a time to celebrate AND to refocus.  To help you, here's a video about how your eating and your focus can make you MORE sucessful THIS WEEK than you were LAST WEEK.

The original formula of the world afterall is work 6, rest 1.  I've found this to be a GREAT equation.  The weeds of my success garden NEVER seem to take hold within 24 hours.  So spend to today appreciating your success, AND also amend and plan for the next 6 days how you will be better.

Enjoy this for your best Sculpting and TaeBo kickboxing success!!


CONTINUE to have a Powerfilled day!!!

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