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PowerWalk leads to POWER TALK ---Confidence and Energy is yours NOW San Bruno Martial Arts

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A person without a goal, is like a ship without a rudder.  You may wander around, knowing in general where you'd LIKE to end up, but with very little control of the course.  Whether you're a Captain sailing, East, OR West its NOT the wind but the set of the sail that leads you on course.  The setting of your sail, is the goal you set.  Its the rudder, its what you use to determine direction, regardless of the wind.....

The SAME wind blows on us all, it truly is the setting of your sails that moves you on course.  If each day you look at your goals, and follow a plan to get you to them, you WILL reach them.  The journey might be like crossing the ocean, it might be a Kickboxing or Karate match with a bigger opponent.  You win may NOT come by knock out, in the opening rounds, your victory MAY come at the end.  Some fighters do win by knockout, but in the later or the last round, and many win by decision.

If you are going to keep YOUR ship sailing to reach your goals, you've got to daily strategies to keep you going.  It's a cinch by an inch but hard by a yard, following daily habits for personal improvement help you live out your purpose.  It may very well be you've got this backwards.  Rather than expecting more from life, perhaps your life is expecting more from you.  TO know your purpose and to grow your purpose, helps you to sow purpose in others.

Here's a quick video I JUST filmed to help you with one assignment.  Walking for Confidence...walking for energy.  IT CAN be yours.

 San Bruno Martial Arts POWER Walk Leads to POWER TALK---CONFIDENCE IS ENERGY 

Take the time today.  5minutes?  25minutes?  25 SECONDS.....It WILL deliver, try it!!

Your friendly neighborhood Black Belt energy guy


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