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3 Ingredients of your Success, health of mind, emotions and body

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Happy Humpday!  It's Wednesday after July 4th!!! 

Your success begins in your mind.  IF you wait to have ALL GREEN lights before leaving your house, we'll end up going nowhere.  

There's a proven process to accomplish your goals and become the best version of yourself.  It's 1000's of years old, and

just as relevant today on Google as it was with sticks & stones.

Amending where you've been is a matter of changing your view from the rear to the front.  Knowing

you are unique is a fuel that ignites your desire for being a best version of self.  The best farmer can't just 

stand there looking at the fields and wish a crop into existence.  Planting fertilizing and tending to your crop

brings bushels of results.  4th Of July for many is a sign that Summer IS HERE.

However you celebrated this week, its inspiring to think whats inside of you and me is the SAME stuff that

created the vision has made our country so great!  240 years better.  Boats planes & trains (its fun to say)

and the lines coming INTO our country are FAR FAR longer than the lines leaving.  

The opportunity you have inside is why I can't think of a better reason to celebrate you.  

Your heart, your mind and your body, these are key ingredients of your success.

YOUR emotions and what stirs your heart to its purpose is your life's signature.  The thoughts you have are yours.  Its reported

that we hear 600-800 words a minute inside our own mind, empowering these words is an investment in ingredient #3 of your 

success.  The habit of thinking well of & speaking well of yourself, creates your attitude towards yourself.  This attitude has you believe what

you believe.  What you believe about yourself causes your emotions to shift.  Its these shifting emotions that will determine how you act.  

Since before kindergarten, your actions have helped shape your path.  Taking time to focus the thoughts in your head is continual.

Summer is the season where your body and weather work together.  

More energy= more light.  

More activities = more opportunities.  

More thoughts = greater potential.  

Your reminder today is about the work of the farmer during summer season is what affects a big harvest in fall.  Why wish?  

Goals are what attaches your wishes to your reality and a plan to follow is the map to get you there.

Starting this week,  summer at the dojo will be about enlarging your heart, sharpening your mind and tuning your body for best success.  

Part of a 1000's of years old tradition exist through training.  Kickboxing or Karate, Martial arts is equal to tying your mental,physical &

emotion shoelaces tight.  When in the middle of a "sprint" they won't come untied.  Your effort, energy and enthusiasm means

greatness IS coming.  Stay focused, its yours.

See you soon!

CONTINUE to have a Powerfilled day!!!

your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy guy!

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