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The Great 2020 Come Back

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Is to restore confidence with in-person training while keeping the safety of everyone entering the dojo the highest priority.  Re-opening is structured in THREE ROUNDS with schedule and training options evolving as we proceed through each round.  We will continue to serve In-person, Virtual, AND Hydrid training throughout all ROUNDS of our re-opening plan.  IN PERSON Training will take place when San Mateo County permits our dojo to operate Safely at 50% of our capacity, HOWEVER we will continue TO EXCEED the expectations, cleaning protocols, guidelines and mitigations throughout all rounds of our re-opening.

Here are more specific ways we are preparing to serve you in person.

DOJO USA Preparations

  1. The training floor is marked following CDC social distancing guidelines.  For additional safety, we structure student capacity to allow a 16 student class maximum (29% of capacity.) Students must pre-register for class online prior to arrival at the dojo. www.calendly.com/dojomojo
  2. Sanitizer stations are located at the front, middle and rear of the training floor with hand sanitizer
  3. Classes are non-contact, no touching.

Screening Before Dojo Entry

1.  Upon arrival, students must check-in while holding their “in dojo only” training shoes in their hands. Students wear a mask prior to entering and before temp check (minor students MUST be accompanied by a parent) Everyone Entering Must Pass:

A. Health Screening with Daily COVID Questions.  

B. Temperature testing.

C. Sanitizing on the spot.

2.  Students enter 5 MINUTES before the class, AFTER all cleaning has been completed

Teaching & In-Class Procedures (ALL classes 30min)

  1. Masks Optional for Students during training
  2. Social Distance LINE-UP
  3. Classes go live via ZoomLink for parents to watch while in the car and virtually training at home
  4. Retain social distancing during training. We practice Bowing vs handshakes and feature “air High-5’s” “thumbs-up”  “personal high-fives” & “personal pats-on-the-back” for self and student recognition and camaraderie.

Post-Class Procedures

  1. Students remove their training shoes in their training zone then hands are sanitized.
  2. Student directed off the mats within 5minutes of the conclusion of class.
  3. Clean & Disinfect ALL mats, common areas, bathroom, and training surfaces BEFORE next class is admitted.
  4. Nightly: Deep clean with Air Purifiers & UV-C air scrubber to eliminate any bacteria or viruses in the air

Our Dojo Mission Still Holds True:

Create a Safe Haven of Positive Energy, within which to Empower the world…One Life at a Time.