Migi Ashu Jiku Ashi (PERFECT Exercise for SMALL Space)

Migi Ashu Jiku Ashi (PERFECT Exercise for SMALL Space)

Cue the Aladdin song "A whole  new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no, but we can know....."

This past weekend, I had the chance to do my first ever ZOOM live online Karate Class.  I can tell you that, had this ShelterInPlace ( I call it my SIP) order never have been made, I probably might've gone a really long time before doing and online class, truth be told I'd probably choose to go for a run rather than remote participating.  Isn't it funny how things closing down can cause other things to open up?

I can't count how many times I've shared the quote "the mind is like an umbrella, its meant to work best when open."  Yet here I was this past weekend logged in while cleaning my uncle's apartment.  There are SO many things I learned and am excited to bring to the classes I will be offering in the very near future.  One concept I wanted to share is actually the title of this BLOG (and later VLOG) "Migi Ashu Jiku Ashi" (right foot fixed leg.)  This is the PERFECT training exercise for the SIP. 

Usually when doing Kata you follow the embusen (line of focus) pattern through the room, this exercise calls you to keep the right foot as your anchor from which the embusen radiates outward.  Compared to the dojo, my "home dojo" is the size of a shoe box and is ideal for this type of practice.  Its also and EXCELLENT exercise for the mind, maintaining intent the visualization while at the same time re-orienting through the entire kata.  Though my (SIDE NOTE: though my physical therapy has be about 60%, I received a lot from this training. Looking forward to sharing it with you,if I get my act together I'll be loading NEW videos to the members only section later tonight!

Continue to Empower AND Powerfill your S.I.P. 

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