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Billy Blanks Event in San Bruno THIS Weekend Tae Bo fitness

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Billy Blanks Event in San Bruno THIS Weekend Tae Bo fitness

22 years ago I walked into my first LIVE TaeBo class! This was BEFORE the infomercials.  Seeing celebrities like Wayne Gretsky, Gabrielle Reese,  Shaquille O'neal, and Paula Abdul added to the magic.  After the videos (yup...I said videos, like VHS TAPES!!!) hit, classes allover started popping up.  Infomercials or not, celebrity or not, one thing has remained constant, the man and the training.

I like to call Billy Blanks the Godfather of all cardio martial arts, but he's more than that.  HE's the OG of Fitness!!!..Training with this ICON for more than two decades has given me continual learning and lessons.  They say if you want to know someone watch what they say, but if you REALLY want to know them, watch what they do...empowered action, strength, spirit, joy, love, victory....these are ALL built into training with Master Billy Blanks

I'd LOVE to see you benefit.  Join us this weekend Saturday and / or Sunday 830am.  It's a $30 class drop in.  YOU ARE INVITED TO COME early.......


hope to see you, sweat with you, and learn with you.

Let's take this life to the next level.

continue to have a Powerfilled day!

your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy guy

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