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The Hand sows + The Mind knows = The Seed that grows

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The Hand sows + The Mind knows = The Seed that grows

Knowledge is POTENTIAL power.....Knowledge is transformed into power when action is put behind it.  The plan gets its power to affect change with actions guiding it not just he mind deciding it.  The perfect plan next week isn't better than an average plan acted on today.

Like driving a car on the Freeway, we can use this metaphor to compare our own success path.  The freeway doesn't involve holding the wheel in the perfect exact position, instead it's about making little adjustments while following a direction towards your destination.  Micro-tuning your way to your success has SO much application in it.  Failure isn't final and losing isn't lasting.  Your ability to stay on course when it isn't a straight line has more mileage towards success, than some innate perfect ability to plot a course without setbacks or U-Turns. 

Ready, aim, fire, loses its effectiveness when it becomes ready aim, ready, ready, aim, aim, aim, aim......  How you handle the setbacks or misses creates lessons learned so you can learn to turn a setback into a set up for something greater.  What you're doing through continued action is developing a discipline and drive required to manage the success you will achieve through the process.  My mistakes are my life's tuition needed to be paid for lesson that each failure contains.  If I were a winning lottery ticket, I would still need to be scratched off to reveal my winning combination.  Taking action is out of the comfort zone and is why it is step 1 to making a goal a reality.  Be willing to take small little actions in a plan, then, develop your ability to measure your success in terms of your ability to take action.  Adjust when things aren't going well comes from the fact that you are taking action. 

If you find your car leaving the lane, put your hand on the wheel and course correct and steer back in the proper direction.  It's all the little micro-adjustments added together that create the proper lane placement.  The better able you are the feel and sense intuitively the micro-adjustments needed the more able you are to move down the road and reach your destination.


To your best.

Your friendly neighborhood Black Belt Energy Guy 



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