Dojo USA World Training Center Reviews

Dojo USA World Training Center Joann B

They all know how to keep you motivated and progressing on your personal goals and path.

Joann B

Dojo USA World Training Center Randy Edwards- Facebook

Great place with a very friendly welcoming atmosphere!!

Randy Edwards- Facebook

Dojo USA World Training Center Andrey Movsesyan- Facebook

I would recommend the Dojo to everyone interested in bettering themselves. The instructors are great and so are the students, the camaraderie evident here is a reflection of the energy and spirit that you'll find here everyday. There is though one caveat. This is not the place for someone who will not work hard everyday and give it their all every single time, they walk through those doors. This is not a magical weight loss program or a place where someone will hand you a black belt without hard work and dedication. If you do work hard though and attend regularly, give your all and lead by example, Peter and the other instructors at the Dojo will help you on your journey in bettering yourself not only physically but also becoming tougher mentally and more appreciative of your inner strengths.

Andrey Movsesyan- Facebook

Dojo USA World Training Center Aimee Fabbri - CMT

Losing 100lbs with no surgery IS possible.

Aimee Fabbri - CMT

Dojo USA World Training Center Karen Schenck - Principal

On behalf of the staff and parents of Crestmoor; thank you for donating your time to speak to our students….Children are busy filling out their journals documenting their acts of kindness. Your contribution to the development and education of the children of San Bruno is greatly appreciated.

Karen Schenck - Principal

Dojo USA World Training Center Roberta Lighty - Teacher & Mills High School Director Peer Helper Program

Peter, the enclosed letters are written by my students to you. You were motivating and inspirational; your message is enlightening our youth and guiding them in the positive direction of self exploration and altruism

Roberta Lighty - Teacher & Mills High School Director Peer Helper Program

Dojo USA World Training Center Dana Facciano - Dojo USA Mom

I was nervous when my child started 4th grade this year...being he had such a tough time last year. I was thrilled when the teacher sought me out to tell me that my child had GREAT FOCUS and is a joy to have in her class. Could she be speaking about the same child that had such an awful year before this? I attribute my child’s success to you and your team

Dana Facciano - Dojo USA Mom

Dojo USA World Training Center MaryKate Del Campo

Peter and the staff have helped me through many chapters of my life...and most recently they are guiding me through the newest stage in my life - pregnancy. I have never felt so supported or looked after as I have maintained my work out regime throughout my entire pregnancy so far. Peter and his team always check on my health during our training and I feel completely confident that I am doing what is best for my body. My obstetrician has been impressed with my perseverance and how smoothly this pregnancy has been going. I am 40 and have never felt better...all thanks to Dojo USA.


MaryKate Del Campo

Dojo USA World Training Center Phil Vogel

World Class! Professional. Friendly AND the most positive influence in your life. Go get it!

Phil Vogel

Dojo USA World Training Center Toby Milroy

These guys are awesome!

Kids need guidance, support, and mentoring to overcome some of the obstacles they encounter. Pete and his team are totally dedicated to helping their students accomplish great things.

The level of dedication I see in the staff, and how much effort they put into each class is inspiring.

Sometime children don't want to "follow through".......sometimes adults don't want to "follow through" and these folks are there to help get their students "past" their own level of procrastination and or fear.

I've seen Pete and his team help children and families through some VERY difficult circumstances, both personal and in the school, with grace and compassion.

I can tell that for Pete and his team, this is MUCH more than just a "job", it's their passion, and I'd dare to say "mission".

I'm truly impressed and inspired at the level of commitment and dedication the team here puts into their program and the kids!

There are hundreds of students and families here that absolutely LOVE the program, and are getting lifetime benefits from it.

Thanks for all you do!

Toby Milroy

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